Who is Guarded House Property Management?

Guarded House is the culmination of nearly 50 years and three generations of experience in the Property Management Business. Back in 1960 when President Andrew Gilbertís father started his company they didnít call it property management, when Lincoln Life called with more work than the crew could physically perform, we managed the subcontractors and oversaw the project. Fifty years later, here we are still making sure that whenever a project is being taken on in our name itís done right the first time. The Old Man wouldnít have it any other way. President Andy Gilbert is a seasoned veteran of the home building industry. Andy started his career in the home building industry while still in elementary, following his dad to the job sites, and getting paid a penny a nail to de-nail and salvage lumber.  Those hard earned lessons from working the gut crews, and eventually running his own crews still guide the business decisions he makes today. Intimate industry knowledge, combined with superior customer service are the key elements for success and customer satisfaction.  


Vice President John Snyder has been working with Andy almost non-stop for the past five years. Johnís experience in rehab, remodels, vendor management and design give Andy the freedom to focus on the day to day business aspects of running an operation of this scope as well as mentoring and grooming the next generation in the Family.  The third generation in the family business is working summers for us now while attending Purdue on a Construction Engineering scholarship.


 Why Vacant Home Care?



When the current real estate market recently came upon us Andy decided that since too many homes are sitting vacant on the market or after repossession waiting to go on the market, that somebody needed to take Care of the Homes and protect the investors assets. That is when the idea for Guarded House came about. He contacted many of the best and reliable business partners and subcontractors that he had worked with over the years and invited them to join his team of experts and craftsmen to help provide the services that Guarded House supplies to owners of these homes. We invite you to let us provide the Care that your real estate investment deserves. Our goal is to protect and maintain your valuable asset and also provide superior, outstanding and reliable customer service along the way. If you have any questions or concerns about our services please send them to john@guardedhouse.com  for a prompt and courteous reply.

Our Service Area


Our service area currently covers all of Indiana, Ohio, and S. Michigan, with plans to expand to the Gulf Coast in the next Six months. With mobile offices allowing us to provide quality service region  wide. We will provide service to other areas, outside of our current service area, for an additional fee to be negotiated on an individual basis. Please contact us for further details.


For more information please contact:


John Snyder, Vice President


Fax (260)483-1630